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Ways to make your trip a beautiful experience.

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Others make their traveling about luxury. We, the kind-hearted/dusty-boots travelers, look for raw-amazing adventures. Joy Transfers is all about heart!


We all know there are different kinds of travelers, everywhere in this world, but we also know that the Mexican Riviera is both sides of the coin… ain’t it? Well, if you were not aware of this, now you are: the Mayan Riviera is not all about luxury hotels and plazas, there’s other types of sites to visit, other activities than tanning at the beach or having cocktails with the cutest tiny umbrellas in them.


This article is dedicated to the other side of the coin; the beautiful side of things, the responsible and environmentally and socially conscious part of it all. Brace yourselves. Here we go!


First of all.


To start this blog-statement properly, we have to be clear about something. We declare ourselves as a conscious brand. What we mean by this is that, in the extent of our efforts there’s always going to be a feeling of responsibility, a sense of awareness about the world in which we inhabit and share our experiences. As a business, as a brand, we are committed to take care of our home and, this is why, we are dedicating a blog to the most important topic of our current state:


Responsible traveling. Make traveling great, unique and special by diving into its serious corners. Vacations get better when they’re all about progress and humanity’s ultimate goal: everyone’s happiness.


Tourism as an education tool.


Education during vacation! Is there a better way for anyone to learn than learning while visiting incredible places, sites and natural spaces? The kind of information that we can receive while going away from home, experiencing other cultures, styles, ways and foods, can be transformative. Use it to your favor and explore the place you visit as much as possible. Think about it as an analogy of the three falling down in the forest: if no one listens, did the three really fall? Well…


If you travel and stay inside the comfort of your  2000 billion golden stars hotel… did you really travel?


Don’t be so afraid of the unknown. Get out and learn! Real adventures lie within the hidden pieces of your expanded traveler’s mind!


Younglings at the front line.


If you have little ones, if they are as adventurous as you, it will become a really necessary thing to take them places. The sooner they visit different geographies and become aware of the world around ’em, living will become a piece of cake for them and they’ll be swimming the currents of real knowledge at a very young age. Kids who travel and know other cultures from a young age, are the ones that triumph easily.


Traveling is pedagogical, a handful of helpful information that’ll make your kids grow like you can’t imagine.


Art, museums, culture.


Ok. There’s even science behind this idea:


It has been proven that a bunch of corporate Human Resources departments started to close deals with local museums, even taking them to action in artistic activities, cultural events and expositions. The employees that shared these experiences had a better performance at their job than the ones that didn’t. Group activities, and even more, when they have something to do with art or culture, can do magic to people.


What kind of relation does this have with traveling?


Well, transpolate the same information to the core of your family. Imagine traveling with your wife & kids and visiting the local museums, learning about costumes and different cultures at the very core of they’re particular expression.


Imagine the kind of “family performance” this will bring to your household!


To travel is to make music.


The songs of your existence are composed by the floritures of the steps you take in life. One of the biggest steps of life is taking the initiative, deciding and traveling to never be the same, to walk without looking back. One of the most beautiful parts of traveling is that we change, transform and even transfigure our souls into something we didn’t know we could be.


To travel is to explore one’s boundaries!





Different kinds of buildings hold different kinds of people. It’s not the same as a corporate skyscraper than a country house, they serve different purposes, they connect on a diversity of things with the humans that inhabit them. This is the reason why it is important to go out when you travel, because transformation of the self can only happen when we walk through buildings drawn by hands influenced by local culture: churches, cabins, museums, pyramids, every construction is a construct, a reflection of the way societies are built (I’m guessing this is the reason why building is severely similar to construction in concept).

While you walk inside the buildings of another nation, of another culture, your internal building will be reinforced with the very same steel with which the threads of life are knitted.


Travel to have fun.


After all the pseudo-intellectual/spiritual road mentioned in the latter paragraphs, traveling can always be a fun way to start the year, to live vacations, to enhance relationships or simply, to have fun with yourself. Relax, visit, enjoy fresh drinks by a turquoise beach…


Who knows? Maybe you get to a place like Cancun and you never get back to your old self, or even home.


Whichever option you decide, Joy Transfers will always be there to give you a quality and comfortable service, an ever necessary item when you visit the magical Mayan Riviera.


See you next time!

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