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Chichen Itza... get there when you're bold enough to visit Cancun!

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You’ve heard about Chichen Itza, ‘an amazing site’, probably a hundred million times. Well… now’s your time to finally go see what all the fuzz is about.


Ok. So… you’re traveling to the beautiful Cancun. Your mind is already visiting the turquoise possibilities of its sandy beaches, dipping your toes over the refreshing waters of the cenotes, the mystical jungle caressing you like a soft hug from mother nature… I mean… you were born ready for this trip. 


Aaaanywho… about this place. 


First of all an obligated (tiny) history class: 


This place is proof of the migratory movements given during the postclassic period of mesoamerican cultures, this comes because of the architectural influence of some of the central original cultures, as well as the Mayan imprint. 


What is this archeological site?


Well, it’s a pyramid. An olden city that’s famous for the beautiful light and shadow phenomena that takes place over the staircase that takes you to the top of the site. This phenomena is proof of the incredibly vast astronomical knowledge of the Mayan civilization. Being there feels somehow liberating in a sense of beautiful architecture and anchored psychology. 


Things to do at the proximity of its geography. 


Well. Being that the Mayan had access and opportunity to build their cities near incredible natural things, you’ll be able to visit sacred cenotes, other archaeological buildings, restaurants, caves and an extent variety of activities. You can visit this things after or before the pyramids. 


How do I get to Chichen Itza? 


As there are lots of tours and advantages in taking one of them, the best option is always going to be to do it on your own. Imagine doing things at your own pace and rhythm, hiring a private tour guide that joins along the way while you all enjoy the transfer you just rented. Your own drinks, your time to stretch your legs and no rush at all. 



All this and more you will find by hiring your service with Joy Transfers, where not only will you travel safe and comfortable, but, ultimately, you’’ll Travel with Joy! 


Enjoy your ride and see you next time!

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