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Thinking of traveling with a pet? Joy Transfers tells you how to.

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Pet Friendly

While considering every opportunity to travel around the world is always tempting, traveling with your fluffy cat or friendly dog is a very wise choice.

Pet Friendly

Picture yourself getting to the beautiful climate of the caribbean. Imagine your whole family traveling together. Even the family pet is able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cancún, Isla Mujeres or Tulum if your choices are wise.


Joy Transfers will get you, your pet and your family to the places you’ve always wanted to go together. But, as everything incredible, traveling with your pet can become a pain if you don’t know certain things that will help you along the way.


First of all.


Keep in mind that traveling far away can be difficult for domestic animals. Airplane rides are quite aggressive for them, But with the right amount of sedatives, your pet will not suffer the ride and it’ll be happy to join you in your vacation.




Try to bring your own transporter. This will give your pet the confidence of knowing the smell of the space he/she is going to inhabit during the trip. This way you will save uncomfortable moments in the airport or during your transfer with us. As it is well known, every airline and transfer company has its own set of animal transporters, still, it’s always better and safe if your pet feels at home, right?

Pet Friendly

Visit your veterinarian.


After you all come enjoy some “mariscos” at the beach front of the hotel of your choice, be sure to visit the animal physician, that way your pet will be safe and you will be sure that traveling with your best friend is the perfect choice and that you will not encounter with any surprises along the way. If your pet is safe you will be safe as well.


Last but not least.


Be sure to select a good company. By this we mean that first of all, you should be looking for a pet friendly transfer service, which, of course, you can find if you travel with Joy Transfers.


So. Now you are aware that traveling with your pet can be incredibly safe if you choose Joy Transfers, a 100% pet friendly service.

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