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Top 5 things to do while visiting the beautiful town of Tulum.

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Tulum’s the poster child of what’s chic & trendy, It’s a town tailor-made for your Instagram feed. Here you have 5 tips of things to do while being there.


Tulum is the best place to be at this moment in life. Why? Easy: Tulum is an elegant place filled with amazing hotels to stay in. It also is one of the beach destinations in the world that everyone wants to inhabit for a weekend or even weeks. Here’s five things to do in Tulum that are just great, relaxing, entertaining and, most of all, experiences you’ll never forget.


Sian’ ka’an Biosphere.


This is probably one of the best ecoturism destinations in the world. Get a hold of this: the Mayan denomination Sian ka’an means “where the sky is born”, this is a reflection of the beautiful and relaxing time that you’re about to have if you decide to come to this magical place. Enjoy nature!


SFER IK Museum. 


This gallery, built inside a sphere and made out of natural materials, holds one of the few and most interesting artistic offers in the whole southeast. This space will transport you to a different atmosphere, one of a very eclectic nature and, just maybe, a place that will give you the feeling of exclusive, artsy, trendy and chic. All in one place. What makes a place but it’s artistic expression. 


Try “Cerveza Artesanal”.


Mexican beer is hot everywhere in the world: do Corona, Tecate or Modelo ring any bells? Well, that’s because Mexicans know, not only how to party, but how to make the party taste good. This being said, I profusely invite you to have a taste of a Cerveza Artesanal, which means nothing more than Craft Beer. There are plenty of flavours, from thin and watery to thick and creamy, the types of bodies to their beers are just amazing. I recommend “Hermana Republica”, a place with a really nice atmosphere and a variety of beers that’ll soothe your beer-senses.


Tulum’s Archeological Site. 


Pyramids! Mexico is all about the pyramids when it comes to “showing off” the incredible history and ancient culture they have. These ruins are the only constructions that the Mayans have left near the ocean. This site is excellent for beautiful poetic picture taking, also you can learn a lot about the Mayan culture and their customs. Don’t miss this incredible place! 

Ahau Tulum | JoyTransfers

Go take an Instagram pic at the Ahau Tulum.


You must be thinking: “What in the world kind of a suggestion is this?” well… I know, it sounds a little bit of a “basic” action to do while traveling, but… have you ever seen the architecture of this place? Even just the entrance is so amazing. Nature, design, intelligent lines and construction techniques align altogether like stars, letting you know that Tulum is a place where luxury and simplicity combine to make your senses explode. 


Say Goodbye to Tulum. 


As you can see, Tulum is a place where you can do many many things. All of them are incredible experiences that are going to increase the energy of your spirit and, surely, are going to make you want to return to this beautiful town. 


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See you next time!

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