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    Kinds of transportation in Cancún?

    Which kind of transportation should I use whilst in Cancun?   The type of transportation you use when you travel can change your trip completely. There’s different types available, for every kind of traveler. Whenever you’re off your limits, exploring your own boundaries away from home, use transportation as a means to relax, to reflect on how your trip is […]

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    Catamaran Tours: the jewels of Cancun.

    If you’re traveling to Cancun it’s likely that you repeatedly find the word catamaran. What is it? Joy Transfers tells you all about it.   If you’re the kind of traveler that likes to organize trips before hand, you have to book into your schedule a catamaran tour. They are the most amazing thing you can do while visiting the […]

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    5 things to know about the incredible Cozumel’s Marathon.

    If you run, you probably know all about Cozumel’s Marathon, but… do you know this 5 things in particular? Joy Transfers Tells you all about this race. Runners all over the world gather to have fun while running. There’s lots of different venues where people who run are usually drawn to, more than others. Cozumel is one of them. But… […]

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    Chichen Itza… get there when you’re bold enough to visit Cancun!

    You’ve heard about Chichen Itza, ‘an amazing site’, probably a hundred million times. Well… now’s your time to finally go see what all the fuzz is about.   Ok. So… you’re traveling to the beautiful Cancun. Your mind is already visiting the turquoise possibilities of its sandy beaches, dipping your toes over the refreshing waters of the cenotes, the mystical […]