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    5 Tips for your next visit to the Mayan Ruins.

    Mayan ruins are really interesting sites to visit and to be at. We give you these 7 tips because -you know- we care about you. Here we go!   Read these pieces of advise so you have the best experience the next time you visit the incredible Mayan Ruins at Quitana Roo.   Read, read a lot!   If you’re […]

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    Ways to make your trip a beautiful experience.

    Others make their traveling about luxury. We, the kind-hearted/dusty-boots travelers, look for raw-amazing adventures. Joy Transfers is all about heart!   We all know there are different kinds of travelers, everywhere in this world, but we also know that the Mexican Riviera is both sides of the coin… ain’t it? Well, if you were not aware of this, now you […]