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Catamaran Tours: the jewels of Cancun.

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If you’re traveling to Cancun it’s likely that you repeatedly find the word catamaran. What is it? Joy Transfers tells you all about it.


If you’re the kind of traveler that likes to organize trips before hand, you have to book into your schedule a catamaran tour. They are the most amazing thing you can do while visiting the beautiful city of Cancun.


What is a catamaran tour?


A catamaran tour is a really beautiful experience that you’ll find almost on every incredible spot in Cancun.  Why? Because the experience is to ride a boat –one that’s really fast, actually–, and cross, for instance, from Cancun to the poetic Isla Mujeres.


Sail like the wind!


A ctamaran is a very fast boat, driven by sails, but, the interesting part is that you’re not going to percieve the speed at which you’re sailing. This leavse syou at a point where you should only enjoy the view, feel one with the ocean and let the wind do its magic to take you elsewhere by caressing your ears and your perception.


Be sure to enjoy all around you becuase, soon enough, once you get ahold of how catamaran tours work, probably you’ll want to repeat operation.


Snorkel when unexpected!


Yes, actually, there are lots of spots where you will be able to sail close to the coral reefs and, more fun even, the catamaran tour includes quipment for water adventures like snorkeling over the coral reef to observe beautiful underwater landscapes (seascapes?), and animals and fish like you’ve never seen before.


Lo and behold. A catamaran tour is more than you’d expect of a tour.


You’ll be on a beautiful and fast boat, floating above turquoise waters, and having a great time, probably listening to funny anecdotes and serious nature information that’l just make you become more and mre inmerse into the ocean experience like you never have.


As a plus, you can have incredible drinks and good foor for a fair fee.


So, as you can see, this experience is going to be amazing, wether you’ve tried it before or if you’re a first timer.


Joy Transfers talkes you everywhere in the Mayan Riviera.


Enjoy the ride!

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