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Kinds of transportation in Cancún?

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Which kind of transportation should I use whilst in Cancun?


The type of transportation you use when you travel can change your trip completely. There’s different types available, for every kind of traveler. Whenever you’re off your limits, exploring your own boundaries away from home, use transportation as a means to relax, to reflect on how your trip is going, and try to make sure you choose the right one for the instance at your door. 


Cancun is a magical, and poetically beautiful place to be, even to inhabit for a little while, and its ways of transportation seem very unclear, when you don’t really know their structure. This is why we chose to give you this blog post: to send all the info you need to move around Cancun, in and outside of the hotel zone. 


Feel safe to move around, to discover beautiful places, to become a great traveler wherever you go. Cheers for your visit to Cancun! 

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The easiest way to move around, in any city, is by bus. Using this option makes you an almost expert traveler. Riding a bus will “get you places”, and you’ll be able to explore things like a local. 


Buses in Cancun are everywhere: you can ride from Hotel Zone to Downtown in the blink of an eye, and, obviously, at a very very cheap rate. 

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The fastest way to move around, but it also can get a little bit expensive. The “gringo tax” is all around Cancun, whether you’re from the States or anywhere else, so cab drivers are always going to be on the hunt, and probably will charge cab fares that will rocket up to the skies. It’s fast, but it’s also filled with vibes that aren’t precisely what a traveler looks for. 


Our recommendation is that, if you’re going to ride a cab, try to get one at the airport, those are the safest ones. 


Bike or Scooter.


Imagine being at your hotel in the Hotel Zone Cancun, getting up early in the morning, going outside for a stroll, and using a bike to watch the sunrise while you “pedal the gas” of the amazing views!


On foot. 


Describing how incredible it is to know cities by foot would be undaquate, given that this is something we all already know. But, but, Cancun is a place with amazingly high humidity and temperatures, and some months of the year there’s even rain, so we’d recommend that you look for other kinds of transportation if you’re not a brave type of traveler.




A transfer service has it all: you can make stops to stretch your legs a little bit, when you feel like it. Another nice reason is that it’s a nice and safe way to get from point A to point B. It is also cheap when you hire a company like Joy Transfers, because you will be able to share the ride with others, this will leave the door open for you to meet new people, and to ride with all the health requirements needed for a comfy ride. The transfer service is private, so you will not be bothered at all. 


A transfer service like Joy Transfers will make you enjoy the ride! 

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