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How to get to Tulum from Cancun in 5 easy, obvious and cool steps.

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Holidays are here, and with it your nice desire to visit Tulum, one of the most amazing beach locations. We will tell you how to get there from Cancun.


Step “numero” One: Decide!


I know, I know, it sounds a bit dramatic, but, I also know that you’ve been wanting to take this trip for a long time, so… -to quote Shia LaBeouf: “JUST DO IT!”


Sorry about the screaming, but, picture this much (while you jump to step number two): 


Two: Buy those tickets!


You’re by your laptop, wishing you could go visit the amazing Tulum. Well, you have a computer in front of you, don’t you? Go to your favorite plane-ticket-site and buy those tickets for you and your beauty, for your friends or family. It isn’t that hard.


Trust me, this is a decision you won’t regret! It’ll turn into a beautiful adventure. Mark my words!

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Trois: Get on the plane.


Deciding and buying the tickets are easy things to accomplish, that’s the part that’ll take the least effort, but, if you think about it, the hardest part of a trip is the moment of the actual trip, right? You have to make it on time to specific tasks like getting all your things, considering what will be of a practical nature for this trip, what sort of objects you’ll be able to live without, then packing, getting on an uber to the nearest airport, hang a little with the driver while you spend your last seconds of stress. While you head to the beach. 


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So you think…


After getting off the uber ride, you’ll probably be running your heart out to get to the specific gate where your flight is destined to lift off. Well, now that you’re at the gate you just found out that they decided to switch gates at the last minute, and now you have minus 236 minutes to get to the other side of the airport. Probably your head’s a circus by now, and you are trying to figure out time travel, and just when you feel distressed enough, you get on time to the exact gate you were looking for. You cross the gate, the tunnel, take your seat and wait. You can breathe now, you’re there. The plane takes off and your thoughts are now traveling, imagination runs wild and your first margarita pops into your hand. Sooner or later, this will happen. Just one more thing. 


Four & five: The Arrival & The Last Stage.


You get off the plane, get your luggage from the band and… wait… you don’t know any spanish. Fortunately you were smart enough to hire a Transfer service. Now you just have to look for the driver holding a cardboard with your last name written on it. Your transfer service will get you to your paradise destination. In about two hours, you will be checking-in to a beautiful and nice hotel room made out of topical woods and concrete flooring that’ll make your senses explode with delish and joy. 


You have got to the place you’ve always dreamt to visit. Enjoy your vacation, disconnect from everything and… a little piece of advice: Turn your traveling memories into poetry!


Travel safe, travel secure, Travel with Joy… with Joy Transfers, I mean. 


See you next time! 

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