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5 Tips for your next visit to the Mayan Ruins.

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Mayan ruins are really interesting sites to visit and to be at. We give you these 7 tips because -you know- we care about you. Here we go!


Read these pieces of advise so you have the best experience the next time you visit the incredible Mayan Ruins at Quitana Roo.


Read, read a lot!


If you’re going to visit a new place, somewhere you’ve never gone to before, the best thing you can do is being informed. Not olny because it is the responsible way to travel, but because, we’re sure, there’s a lot of “local” things to have in mind when one is going to other cities, even more at other countries that are not ours!


Think of this: if you’re a New Yorker… which piece of advise would you choose to give to someone who visits the cramped jungle that the subway is? If vous êtes Français and you’re giving tips for a person that visits Paris for the first time… wouldn’t you mention something about the price of things and tell them where to buy food and beverages at a very good rate?


Well. Our advise is to read a lot about the local communities, to search for local diseases and how can you, for instence, get a vaccine to avoid them, which types of food you’ll find in your path, what do the sites you pretend to visit mean for the local people and the respect you must pay to whom.


Get a traveler’s insurance.


Safety first. Always. If we have learned something through the passing of 2020 is that we sould be safe at all times. Is not hard, is only about getting a new discipline, a new concept of self care and how we land on this idea. This is why a traveler’s insurance is not such a bad idea. It wil keep you away from any health diffuculties you run into. Remember you’re gonna be surrounded with people from all around the globe. It’s unlikely something happens, but it is safer to have an insurance, there’s no doubt about it.


Pro tip: there’s even weekly insurance offers you can easily obtain. Look for them.


Get to forums!


Forums are the best way to learn from the experience of others. Ruins are very mystical spots, and around them there’s going to be a lot of incredible culinary experiences: try the food of the locals, there’s no better way to know the history of the place you visit than trying the food that revolves around it.


Sunscreen, tons of it!


Pyramids are always open air experiences. Cancun and its surroundings have a sunny atmosphere. This is the tropic we’re talking about! The safest way to travel is by using tons of sunscreen to keep safe from UV rays. Radiation over your skin is not a joke. An improper self care will lead to the use of the traveler’s insurance you hired earlier!



Get there by private transportation.

Pyramids, everywhere around Cancun, are not particularly of easy access. You cuold try renting a car or maybe getting there by bus, but, in the end, your wallet, credit card or pockets will be grateful with your decision of using a transfer, this because, you’ll see, money is well spent by traveling inside a safe capsule that’ll take you where you want and in the moment you need.


Our service was concieved for people like you, who are cuirious about other lands, about other cultures and, especially, for those who wish to travel safe, comfortable and just… enJoy the ride!


Joy Transfers is here for you! Book today!

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