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5 things to know about the incredible Cozumel's Marathon.

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If you run, you probably know all about Cozumel’s Marathon, but… do you know this 5 things in particular? Joy Transfers Tells you all about this race.

Runners all over the world gather to have fun while running. There’s lots of different venues where people who run are usually drawn to, more than others. Cozumel is one of them. But… why?


It’s a first timer.


Cozumel’s Marathon has been recently announced, and it’s a very exciting. Local government has just gave notice about this incredible opportunity and it’something no to be missed out.


Incredible opportunity.


There’s different marathons around the world. Most of them take place in big cities, or sites where the urban structure suits the needs of this kind of events. But this case scenario is something else.


Paradise while running.


Imagine running aside the incredible turquoise waters of Cozumel’s coral reef! During this marathon, or even if you only run a 5k, you’ll be enjoying the view like no one has.


Cozumel as “The Island of Sports”.


Cozumel has been proposed as the next Island of sports, being that it’s a place that has been house for many international sports events. This place is soon going to become a poster child of every caribbean country, city or village that has the will to become a sport tourism site.



Run at the pace of tranquility.


One of the best parts of this race is that you can be sure you will be safe, as the organizers are being very careful and have experience in the correct and precise sanitation and other safety important protocols.


Run like the wind!


Remember that this race is going to take place at sea level. We recommend you to train hard, to be aware that sea level is a little bit complicated when it comes to breathing, but rest assured that, in spite of the difficulties you could encounter, this race will be a challenge for you, and, evidently, a really fun part of your discipline.


Come to Cozumel and use Joy Tranfers’ service to get to the finish line as fast as possible.

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