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5 reasons to visit Holbox Island.

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Holbox Island is always an amazing experience. We invite you to visit so you can be astonished by its inherent beauty.


When you go on vacation this summer, take a deep look at your priorities and visit Holbox Island. You’ll see that this is the place you’ve been looking for all these years. Here are five reasons why you should get on a plane, land at Cancun airport, find your transfer service to the ferry, and wait a minimum amount of time to be at one of the most incredible places you’ll ever be. Here we go!


It’s a real getaway.

Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are really beautiful places, but if what you seek is more like an… escapade, you should come to Holbox, where you’ll really rest, where you’ll be away from all of those resorts and architectonical monsters that devour jungle like, there’s no tomorrow (just to be clear, that’s actually what they do).


’cause it’s an artsy Island.


The place is crammed with art in almost every one of its walls. The murals make the place a really colorful experience, and, obviously, this makes you connect with your emotions on a very deep level, whether one realizes it or not. Holbox Island is a small place, but it has a loud voice and it speaks to visitors through its walls.


You’ll be better off with a bike in hand.


Yes, on this island there are no cars. So you, as a pedestrian, or a bike rider, will have a lot to explore. Visit the island if you seek a more raw experience. This touristic spot is just great for calm and beautiful souls.


Golf carts everywhere!


One of the main ways of transportation is… golfing carts! Yes, yes, and triple yes!! Golfing carts as a means of transportation is the most fun, within the perimeter of a place that is already magical, sweet, and filled with amazing corners to explore.


The beaches… man, the beaches…


The beaches on this island are like no other. They’re calm waters where one can just chill, relax, forget about everything, and be governor of the world for as long as you wish to stay.


Those are the main reasons why visiting Holbox is a beautiful way to spend your summer vacation.

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